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The theatre of Roman Plovdiv, an artist reconstructionThe theatre of Roman Plovdiv, an artist reconstruction

Built: 108-114
Cavea diameter: 80 metеrs
Orchestra diameter: 27 meters
Proscenium: 3 meters high
Rows: 28
Capacity: up to 5,000 people
Where: Southern slopes of the Trihalmie

Sitting on his marvelous marble seat with his name inscribed on it, in the first raw of the new theatre, Claudius Tiberius Dorzintes turned his back to the orchestra (the scene), and looked up. Six rows above him, in cheaper but still good places, the men and women of his phyle (city commune) sat and talked. Some of them noticed him and cheered. They were supposed to. The commoners from the other phylai had much worse seats, high above them.

Happy with with the salutation Dorzintes waived his hand and switched his attention to the orchestra again. The play was about to begin, and he, the phylarch (leader of a phyle), was proud. He and his people had contributed to the creation of the theatre and now enjoyed prestigious places in it.


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