Small Basilica

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The Small Basilica in 2011The Small Basilica in 2011

By the end of the 6th Century, the Small Basilica was abandoned, and so were many of the buildings of the city in the plain. The barbarian invasions were too strong to resist, and many people left their homes for the more secure acropolis.

The basilica fell into disrepair and for long was used as a source of building material for local people. In the 10-11th centuries, for some reason, some of them starting digging in it, their pits creating visible scars on the basilica's mosaic floor.

Yet, the remains of the mosaics were so impressive that building on the site was terminated. In 1991, the planned block of apartments was erected away from its planned site, and the basilica with the surrounding part of a fortress wall with a tower was exhibited in situ. The mosaics in the baptisterium were conserved in situ, and those from the church were lifted, a few fragments of them conserved and put in storage.

Years passed, and the Small Basilica was left - almost forgotten, completely abandoned, hidden in overgrowth - for better days.

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