Forum and Odeon

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The forum of Roman Plovdiv, an artist reconstructionThe forum of Roman Plovdiv, an artist reconstruction

When: beginning of the 1st Century AD until middle of the 5th Century

Length north to south: 143 meters

Width east to west: 136 meters

Open area: 11 hectares


Shivering in the cold spring rain, the mason apprentice looked again at the inscription on the pediment he was about to delete. "Good Fortune," he read, "Statue of the greatest and the divinest Gaius Julius Verus Maximus Fortunate Pious August, the master of the inhabited world, son of the greatest and divinest Emperor Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus August, placed by Philippopolis, the splendid main city of the province of Thrace, when provincial deputy is Simonius Julian and Aurelius Apolonidus, son of Apolodorus, is the first archont, and is under the care of the aforementioned with spare money. Fortune."

The apprentice placed his chisel on the name of Gaius Julius Verus Maximus and hesitated before the first blow. Not that long ago he had helped his master to make that very same inscription plus several others, all dedicated to Verus. Back then the greatest and the divinest Verus was known as being so handsome and so well mannered that all women in Rome were mad about him and people all over the empire loved him. Now he wasn’t neither great, nor divine or fortunate. He wasn't even alive. He and his father, brutal Emperor Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus (235-238), known simply as Maximinus Thrax, were deposed and killed by the opposition in April 238.


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