Bishop Basilica



The memory of the grand church, however, stuck in local memory. Several decades after its destruction, at the end of the 6th Century, a necropolis appeared where the central nave had once stood. Burials continued well into the 12th Century; 95 graves have been discovered so far.

The aura of sanctity lingered for hundreds of years after the necropolis was abandoned. In the 1850s the Baroque Catholic cathedral of St Ludwig appeared over the erstwhile north nave of the Bishop Basilica. It is still there, on the spot which generations of Plovdiv citizens have deemed sacred.

The remains of the basilica were discovered during the construction of an underpass in the mid-1980s. Archeologists surveyed the south nave, part of the central nave, the apse and a portion of the atrium. The mosaics were removed to the Plovdiv Archaeological Museum. At the place of the great building only scarcely visible remains of foundations can be seen today.