Eirene Mansion


The place where the open-air fountain used to be, with a part of the drainsThe place where the open-air fountain used to be, with a part of the drains

Some of the Philippopolis residents lived even better than the owners of Eirene Mansion. In the 4-6th centuries, for example, the so-called Residence existed in the prestigious eastern neighborhood. The mansion covered a whole insula and had a hypocaust (underfloor heating system), marble-covered latrine and bath, and lavish mosaic floors depicting 26 types of birds. Another mansion in the eastern part of the city, again occupying a whole insula, boasted a fantastic mosaic with Narcissus and a pool adorned with marble statues.

Their marvelous mosaics are to be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Plovdiv. The Mansion Eirene and its mosaics are the only ones still in situ, in the Archaeological Underpass.

The building, together with adjacent streets and smaller sections of neighboring houses, were discovered and excavated in 1983-1984 during the construction of the underpass. When the mosaic face of Goddess Eirene saw the daylight for the first time in 1,400 years, it was instantly listed a Monument of Culture of National Significance.

The building foundations and the mosaics were properly cleaned, restored and exhibited in the underpass, as late as 2003.