Eirene Mansion

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A mosaic depiction of Eirene, the goddess of peaceA mosaic depiction of Eirene, the goddess of peace

When: The middle of the 3rd century until the end of the 6th century


Excavated area: About 668 sq.m

Mosaics area: About 160 sq.m

Where: Arheologicheski Underpass


"I want it big. I want it marvelous. I want the best that money can buy," a wealthy citizen of Philippopolis demanded. It was some time after the great destruction brought to the city by the Goth invasion of 251. He was standing amid the rubble of several houses that before the ravage had filled one insula, or a rectangular perimeter formed by four neighboring streets, in the eastern part of the city in the plain. He had big plans for the place. Foreseeing that this part of the city would become the neighborhood of the rich, he had acquired the bigger part of the insula and had decided to built on it a luxury city house.

We would probably never know who this person was. He might have been a Thracian nobleman or a rich senator who had already owned the befitting grand villa rustica near Philippopolis but who had decided to have a residence in the city as well. He might have been a wealthy city councillor. Or he might had been a plebeian - a sagacious merchant or an enterprising artisan - who got rich and desired to boost his newly-acquired status with a proper urban estate.



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