Forum and Odeum

Merchants, travellers, craftsmen, priests: the forum was the pulsating heart of Philippopolis

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Building Eirene

Spectacular mosaics and ancient luxury in the home of a well-to-do Philippopolis family

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Where 30,000 people used to watch trying sports contests...

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Plays, music competitions, gladiator games: the Philippopolis theatre had it all...

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Small basilica

Explore the artistry, beauty and hidden meanings of the mosaics in this church...

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Bishop's Basilica

Philippopolis greatest church lies on a spot deemed sacred by generations of citizens

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Three-Hills Fortifications

A mesmerising puzzle of millennia-old walls, defending the highest part of the city...

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East Gate

For the people of Philippopolis, it was the beginning of the road to Constantinople...

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Every day it brought to thirsty Philippopolis 43,000 cubic metres of water...

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Public Baths

The favourite respite spot for citizens tired of the forum hustle...

Treasury / Mint

Diligent administrators managed the finance of the whole province from here

Eastern Baths

They used to be so nice that after the Huns destructed them in 441-442, the people of Philippopolis built them again...


The residence of the emperor's deputy in the city was grand and comfortably close to the theatre...


The Jewish community of Philippopolis built the biggest and oldest synagogue in the Balkans...


The stone connection of Philippopolis with the Diagonal Road which carried merchants and armies